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Get all Tinder Gold & Plus features unlimited

tinder premium for free

Get all the features of Tinder, thanks to the application that you download on our site completely free. Tinder Premium offers all the options from the Gold and Plus versions.

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Tinder Premium app features:

  • Unlimited Likes;
  • Rewind last swipe;
  • Super Likes Everyday;
  • Monthly Boosts;
  • Passport for swipe arount the world;
  • See who you Like.

General informations about Tinder:

Tinder is one of many dating apps available on the internet, however it is extremely popular among people all over the world. So far, it has gathered over 50 million people. And every day, an average of 10 million people log in to the app. Which has a positive impact on the users' rating. More and more people register their account there in search of the second half or simply count on spontaneous knowledge, which over time can turn into something much more serious. However, a lot of people maintain their account in the form of an ordinary social networking site to broaden their circle of friends and be able to meet and meet newcomers without obligation. The whole reception of a dating application, whether it is Tinder or another portal depends mainly on the attitude of users. Nobody denied that on the dating site you can not get to know the love of your life or you will not experience a passionate romance without obligations. It all depends on the preferences and requirements of people who have an account there. Tinder how classic each portal is based on the evaluation of the user's profile picture and whether the person on the opposite side also accepts us depends on the success of the whole "pairing" of two people with each other. It is also necessary to complete the information about us and enter the time frame that the age of the people we are most interested in. Under the picture of the second person we can see a short description of the characteristic plus the personal maxim of the individual. That's why it's worth doing the same on your profile. Certainly, it will positively affect the assessment of our profile by third parties. In addition, we can interest someone interesting, interesting description of our person. It is worth mentioning that the Tinder application is a free application, however for very active people who want to meet someone new quickly, it is worth rethinking the purchase of a Tinder plus account. This is a small monthly fee, which, however, promotes our profile in the first place in the listing. Our profile will then appear most often among people staying close to us. In addition, when you buy a Plus account, the blocking of the location disappears, which means we can look for new people all over the world and not limit ourselves only to a few kilometers around us. Do not forget about the Tinder Gold version. It is also a paid version of Tinder similar to Tinder Plus, however, it gives us some more bonuses in the price. We get unlimited Super Like, and additionally once a month our profile for 30 minutes becomes the most popular profile in the area. If that were not enough, we have the opportunity to observe who liked us on the portal. Which, of course, is not in the free version. It's still not everything. Having purchased the Gold version, we get the so-called second chance, that is, we can change the decision about the choice of a given person. If we give someone unlike, we can take this decision back and give her a heart, waiting for a quick pairing. The biggest plus, however, of this dating application is the fact that the application has a mobile version of the phone, which, unfortunately, do not have all dating sites. This is a great convenience, because all the time we stay in close contact with the people we have paired with. Messages come to the phone like ordinary text messages, thanks to which the application is really easy to use and convenient. It is worth creating an account and finding out which version suits you best. Some people will not want to pay a monthly subscription for using the application, and some will find that a free account does not meet their expectations. Everything depends on what we really expect from the portal, what we count on and what financial resources we have for the application. To evaluate the application, it is worth creating your own assessment. Based on the experiences we have experienced. Considering the lack of time and the multitude of duties that make more and more people prefer to set up an account on a dating site and look for their second half there, we have an increasing chance of success of our cognitive mission on the Tinder portal.