GTA 5 for Mobile

Play in GTA V on Your mobile smartphone

gta 5 for mobile

Grand Theft Auto V for Android and iOS smartphones in the Mobile Version. Our original project of transferring the game to mobile devices, download today.

Features of Mobile Version GTA 5:

  • Compatibility with Android and iOS;
  • Full optimization, the game runs smoothly;
  • Very fast downloading through our servers;
  • Daily updates and upgrades;
  • Compatible with larger screens (e.g., Tablet etc.).

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About GTA 5 Mobile:

GTA or Grand Theft Auto V Mobile is an extremely popular, fifth edition of the computer action game, created by Rockstar Games. The game was released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in September 2013, while its PC version appeared already in 2015. GTA 5 Mobile enjoys incredible popularity among players of all kinds of platforms, due to its high graphics quality, an infinite field of possibilities during free play, as well as its extraordinary gameplay. The game has won many awards, among others Golden Joystick in the category "Games of the Year" and went to the Records of the Book of Guinness. The game's production costs totaled nearly $ 265 million, making it the game with the highest budget ever.

Game action:

The game was set in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is a huge metropolis created from hundreds of photographs of Los Angeles. The world in which the action takes place is huge and rich in various kinds of areas; mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, beaches and oceans, and places such as, among others, military bases, and densely built-up urban areas. The map of the game is divided into two large parts, the already mentioned city of Los Santos and the surrounding areas of Blaine County. The world is incredibly diverse, it has a daily system and an extensive weather system consisting of various types of changes and atmospheric phenomena. For the player, there are two game modes available, single-player, in which we have a stunning and full twist and turns campaign, and a multiplayer called Grand Theft Auto online, without any top-down history and allowing unlimited sandbox gameplay. In the main GTA V for Mobile campaign, we take control of the three heroes; Franklin - a great driver who loves cars, dealing with theft of vehicles for the Armenian dealer Simeon Yetarian, Trevor - a former military pilot and having a charm of sociopath and Michael - the most sought-after cashier in America, for whom the main purpose is to make a great property with the help of not necessarily clean licks . Each of the three heroes controlled by us has special abilities, her own enemies and friends, which makes our already incredibly rich and diverse story even more attractive. In the game, we have the ability to switch between the three heroes, which allows us to get to know the story from three points of view and opens up many opportunities for planning the ventures and the perfect understanding of the entire game world.

Information about the game:

The main gameplay focuses on planning and organizing jumps and robberies as well as various orders. Before performing a given jump, you should include several side tasks, such as preparing equipment, hiring colleagues, and choosing a method of operation. We focus here primarily on the selection of weapons, vehicles, and on minor thefts. While playing, we can explore various locations, we have, among other things, the opportunity to dive in the ocean, visit skyscrapers, and at our disposal a variety of different vehicles. Nothing, therefore, prevents you from flying by helicopter, cycling or taking control of a submarine. During the jumps and robberies we organize, first of all, we focus on the selection of the team and increasing her experience, choosing and conducting an attack and, as a result, the division of acquired goods and spoils. The game also provides players with many mini-games such as races, robbing ATMs or hunting. We can also play any sports, such as yoga, golf or car racing. Our heroes may also acquire various types of real estate, vehicles, and weapons, and modify them on their own preferences. We also have the option of changing the appearance of the character.

Additional information:

In addition to all these mentioned games, Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile gives us a lot of other opportunities and provides incredible entertainment for hours. It is an even obligatory position for connoisseurs of action games.