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grammarly premium for free

The full version of Grammarly can be downloaded from our site completely free of charge for devices with Android and iOS. Click the button below to download the application on the platform of your choice.

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The extended Grammarly version allows you to:

  • accurate checking of punctuation and sentence structure;
  • a more thorough view of the context of the sentence and the grammar used;
  • assistance in choosing the appropriate collocations, synonyms and the vocabulary best suited to the given expression;
  • the opportunity to display a detailed explanation of the spelling rules;
  • viewing the definitions of proposed synonyms;
  • access to your texts from various portable devices and use of a special Grammarly text editor;
  • adding selected words to the personalized dictionary;
  • spell checking using web resources, as well as checking text for plagiarism (using over 16 billion pages).

About Grammarly Premium apk:

Nowadays, English is widely spoken. Increasingly, it is useful not only in everyday conversations or foreign trips, but also at work. Using it on a communicative level means that we have more perspectives, we find information more quickly and we can get along with people from even the most remote countries.

Often, the purpose of obtaining information should be email, ask a question, write a longer message. It also happens that it is necessary to create from scratch a long text document in English. The appearance of written errors in such forms is what we would prefer to avoid. However, being not a native speaker, it is easy to make mistakes, especially by creating an elaborate sentence full of intricate constructions. Not every text should be written in the simplest words and it often turns out that we are forced to use less frequently used time or mode. It's hard to notice some of the mistakes, and sending them could be disadvantageous to us. In order not to stress the possible shortcomings, the Grammarly application was created.

Grammarly - how does it work?

The tool checks the correctness of the written texts - it highlights the errors and displays how to correct the word or sentence. It also shows the nature of the error, so you can more easily understand how to write the phrase correctly in the future. For this reason Grammarly is also a great option for language learners and who are constantly improving their communication level. This is an online application, which means you always need an internet connection to use it.
There are two versions of the application - free and paid. Most often, users try at the beginning of the free version and a bit limited, and then switch to a more advanced option that already costs.

Differences between the free and premium version

Grammarly Premium has much more helpful features, which means that especially those who write many long texts should pay attention to this version. The basic application only improves grammatical errors and typos. If you choose Grammarly Premium, there are more useful ways to refine the text.

On which devices can you use Grammarly?

It is possible to download Premium Grammarly to run on a computer - versions for Edge, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox are available. You can also install the program on your computer (for macOS and Windows) and download Grammarly for Microsoft Office.
Mobile devices also offer the use of Grammarly. The application is adapted to Android and iOS systems and helps, among others in editing tweets or text messages and posts on Facebook.

Is Free Grammarly Premium only for writing in English?

The application is adapted only to check texts in English, so you can not check texts written in Polish, or translate them. It is worth noting, however, that Grammarly recognizes different variants of English and adapts to British, American, Canadian and Australian English. The application recognizes many differences regarding language variations, including punctuation, vocabulary and spelling of words.

Grammarly is an option that is particularly worth considering if we want to achieve fully correct language texts. It is a tool that you can use for both short posts published on the Internet and long documents created for the company. It can be an application that will significantly speed up the creation of any notes, and trying out its operation will shorten the working time.