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About BADOO apk:

Badoo is a social networking site and an application that allows you to make friends with people both from the immediate area and from around the world - the distance limit depends only on the user. The application allows you to chat with other users and upload photos. How the knowledge develops is left only to the people who have just met. In the application, you can also tell other users about yourself, your interests and play games that also allow you to expand your circle of friends. You never know who you can meet! Badoo is mainly positioned as a dating site.

The application is designed so that you can use it in an intuitive way. When creating an account, add a good photo and write a few words about yourself - this will allow other users to learn more about us.

The heart of the application is the game Hit Pixel. You can start playing it right after creating an account. The game displays random users - if the user is interested in us - select "Yes". Otherwise, click "No". If both people choose the "Yes" option - they are paired and can start a conversation.

Badoo also offers users the People in the Neighborhood section - thanks to it, you can meet people near to us (eg in the same city) and start a conversation with them.

What distinguishes Badoo among other social networking sites is the level of popularity of the profile. The more popular the user, the better it is visible to other users of the site. And the greater our visibility, the more chances we have to pair with other users.

The basic Badoo features are free. Creating a profile, adding photos and videos and looking for new friends costs nothing. However, to increase your chances of pairing, it's worth using the Badoo Premium and Badoo Credits services (credits). Thanks to them we have an influence on the popularity of our profile and thus the number of people with whom we can get to know each other.

When you buy a Badoo Premium subscription, you gain access to additional services: you can view people you liked at Hit or use invisible mode, which allows you to view other users' profiles in incognito mode. In addition, the Premium option allows us to undo the last vote to "No" at Hit Pybid, chat with the most popular and with new users, send stickers and mark messages from us so that other users' boxes are displayed first. All of these options allow us to increase our popularity.

Another option, thanks to which our profile will be displayed more often to other users in Swindon, is Badoo Credits. Credits can be purchased or obtained in exchange for completing a survey or downloading the proposed application. By paying with loans, you can increase the frequency of displaying our profile in the Pybyb hit by buying additional impressions. Another way is to use the "Spotlight" service. Thanks to this service, we can easily promote your photo - it will show to all people in our area and thus increase our visibility. If we want to distinguish the user we talk with in some way, using credits, we can send him a gift sticker.

As with any social network, some rules apply to Badoo. Portal administrators inform that they want Badoo to be a place where people have fun and feel comfortable. Materials posted on Badoo may not violate the terms of the website or copyrights. Posting infringing, offensive or pornographic material may even result in an account being blocked. Badoo also declares that all complaints about inappropriate user behavior will be taken seriously. The main service council is "Be nice!".

In the basic offer, Badoo offers the opportunity to talk to 10 new people during the day. If we want to increase this amount - we must use Badoo Premium or Badoo Credits. The choice depends on what you expect from the website and who you are looking for. As one of the largest dating applications, even if it does not pair us with the love of our lives, it will certainly allow you to organize many successful dates.